Brian Artea

I'm a graphics artist, website designer and programmer. In addition, I can provide motion graphics for presentation purposes, web and televised commercials.

About me

I have fourteen years experience working as a graphic artist designing webpages for commercial use as well as personal, customized art for individuals. Self employment has provided me the opportunity to develop excellent communications skills.

Learning new techniques and keeping up with upgrades to existing software has been essential to maintaining my viability as a commercial entity. Music has been an integral part of my life; I am a professional guitarist and keyboardist. Professionally, I have found music to be a source of comfort and inspiration as a graphic artist.

My career

Produced under the Name Expert Design.

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I started Expert Design while still in school for website design and programming. I started doing graphics at that time using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for the vector graphics. I still use Photoshop for much of my work, the pen tool is a favorite.

Personalized Magazine Covers.

Is a part of Expert Design.

On the Expert Design website since 2003 there's been a section called Personalized Magazine Covers. Since 2003, I have designed personalized magazine covers for special events such as birthdays, graduations, etc.. To reduce the cost of marketing, I learned how to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Up until recently, Expert Design was the first name on search lists for Google. Expert Design has been a thriving source of income with absolutely no advertising because of my knowledge of how search engines work and look for.

Excellent team player.

Worked with

July 2000 - August of 2000

That was a great job and opportunity to view other people's work that were better than me at the time, especially because I was still in school. My job duties entailed changing prices on products in which I traced with the pen tool and used other effects to make the graphics more appealing in their inventory for their website for their back to school sales.

I always have some type of project going on.

Studio Dawg Productions

I love exploring and learning new things as far as graphics and motion graphics are concerned. I've recently been using Twitch which is an excellent plugin for Adobe After Effects from Video Copilot. Not only have I made a lot of art I also buy a lot of art especially vector art so I can change it around anyway I want, you change a few things around and some colors and you have a totally different piece of art.

New Perojects

Better working enviroment for me

Spiritual Atlanta is an example of a website that I designed. This was a two year project in which I worked with the owner to organize a wide variety of services and articles for access by anyone in the world. The website also had rotating ads made with ASP.

I always have some sort of project going on. I'm in love with computers, from how everything is made and done including the hardware, operating system. software and how it was programmed.



  • Made with Adobe Illustrator's Perspective Grid tool

    I have always been interested in perspective, check it out.

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  • Studio Dawg Productions

    A fake production company I came up with to start making videos

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  • Gibson Ad

    This is fake ad I made for Gibson guitars.

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  • Made in Illustrator

    I used this as my homepage on one of my websites for a year or so.

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  • Tattoo Magazine Cover

    This turned out to be a good cover because I had a nice photo to work with, I'm going to add more tattoos soon.

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  • Colored Pencil Effect

    This is a photo of me and one of the best dogs I've ever had.

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  • Fake Forbes Cover

    I have doing magazine covers as gifts for people through my website and have done at least 200 Forbes covers since 2003.

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  • Rubik's Cube

    This is basically a Rubik's Cube with my own artwork in it.

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  • Flyer for S.O.L

    This is a band I use to be in and made hndreds of flyers, this one was for a halloween party.

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  • Video I made in 2013

    I really like the end of this video because smoke really does fly.

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  • Cool Graphics

    I made this with some images from Digital Juice which I own.

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  • Surfing Magazine Cover

    This is the first one I ever did of this cover and it came out pretty good..

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John Carroll University

Web/Grpahic Developer and Client Server Programming technologies.


I started learnign how to build websites before I went to school for it. Once I started using Photoshop and Illustrator I saw that amazing things can be done using photographs plus a whole host of other things to get my point across graphically Expert Design.

Reserves Network

Advanced Microsoft Office, Learned Graphics and HTML Programming technologies.


By the time I graduated from this school I had over 70 webpages on the Internet and they hired me right after I graduated. I had about 3 months of experience until they closed the school down. However, I do like working in the IT environment.


Learned Freehand and Flash


As well as going to John Carroll full time I went to Tri-C at night part time to learn computer generated art and animation. Learning Freehand was a very eye opening experience knowing that you could create anything you could think of and do almost anything you could think of animated as well with Flash 4. Once Adobe bought out Macromedia (the comapny that owned Flash) they changed it around so much I didn't really like it anymore and you can't see it on iPhones and other devices.

Always Learning State of the Art Technologies

Learned most of what I know off the Internet


Even thogh I went to school for all the website and graphic design, I learned a lot more on my own such as, MySql, PHP, ASP, Javascript, CSS, Flash and the software I used was pretty much up to date. I think the Adobe Master Collection CS5 is a set of the oldest programs I have. I'm not sure which I like better, graphics or programming. I guess I like them equally

My Skills

After EffectsPro

Skill levels

I also know a whole host of other software I can use very well including, Sonar 6 which is for music editing/writing, Indesign, Premeire, Visual Studio 2012. I just signed up for the Microsoft App Development Program using Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013.

Great Artwork and Coding skills

I've designed many websites and graphics over the past fourteen years and am very good at Photoshop and Illustrator, not only did I go to school for that but I also have a subscription to and use YouTube to keep up with new software and easier ways of doing things as they're introduced.

I've probably learned more from YouTube than anywhere else on the Internet.

When I first turned on a computer back in 1999 and started learning Microsoft Word and the other office products and thought it was pretty awesome but what I really wanted to know was how they made the software and graphics.

I'm always improving my skills

I love doing art and coding from computers, it's not really work to me, I love doing it. I've always been an over achiever and a bit of a work-aholic because I like it so much. I'm a great catch as far as an employer needing a graphic artist with a lot of web skills as well.

I'm a true blue artist and have been doing art since I could hold a pencil. I also Taught myself how to play Guitar, Bass and Keyboards. I've been a professional musician since I was fourteen years old.


Lets keep in touch

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Contact info

  • 15538 Drake Rd. Strongsville, Ohio 44136
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  • Phone: 216.773.3762
Thank you for looking at my resume and look forward to hearing from you. I do everything from simple graphics to the most complex that can be used in motion graphics and commercials, plus I can do all the music as well in my home recording studio.